1 to 1 coaching

NZ Photos 2 207We offer excellent one-to-one happiness coaching.

You might find this helpful if you enjoy working one-to-one rather than in a group setting, or you would like to follow up after being on one of our happiness programmes.

We offer a 20 minute free taster session, to see if it is right for you.

Our one-to-one coaching will provide you with an opportunity to have focused time which is just for you.

It is a chance to look at where you are now and figure out together, where you would like to be.  Coaching will then help you plan a path to your future.

We will support and guide you to move forward.  We will help you take action and find balance in your life.  We will discover ways around the obstacles and celebrate your successes together.

We recommend six coaching sessions, which are 50 minutes each.  Alternatively you could start with one session and take it from there.

One-to-one coaching can be by telephone, skype or, if you live within travelling distance of Bedfordshire, you might want to come to us for your sessions.


Contact me either by emailing julia@singingbluebird.com or by calling me on 07786 567 027.