My Mindful Week – Mindful Happiness in Practice

Well, I started my week with Mindfulness practice on Monday, and I have been incorporating it into my everyday life this week.

N.B. I nearly wrote that I had been “trying” to incorporate mindfulness into my week, then I remembered what I say to other people, especially those on my happiness programmes – There is no try, you either do or you don’t do.

If you google this saying, you will find that this wisdom does not originate from me, but rather from Yoda! (Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back).  Yoda said:

“No! Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.

I have read that using the word “try” anticipates failure, sabotaging yourself, before you even get going.  I am all for doing, which makes it even harder to just be, which is at the heart of mindfulness.

I have been walking mindfully, eating mindfully and working mindfully.  I have found it amazing how much more work I have done, focusing on the present moment.

Following my post earlier in the week, a friend sent me a mediation which requires complete presence in the moment.  I would like to share this link with you:

I will be practising this at the weekend.  I hope you do the same.

My next challenging will be listening more….I am all for talking….listening is so much harder…

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