You should write a blog…

Well, yet another person said to me today, you should write a blog. The question is do I want to? I thought about it, and yes I do. (As my friends know, I love the sound of my own voice, so a blog will be perfect for that!)

I don’t know where to start, but I guess I just begin. I am on the cusp of my 48th birthday. So, that makes me middle aged, if I live until 96 years old.

This blog is about my happiness (and sometimes unhappiness) journey. Life can be a rocky road, but there are plenty of sweet bits. (I have included a photo below of a batch of rocky road I made on Thursday, in case you like a visual.)

I am a happiness and wellbeing facilitator and coach. This is my passion. I am fortunate enough to work in this field. (Something I still can’t quite believe.)

As well as May being my birthday month, it is also the month my mum died. It can be a hard time.

This year I am doing something positive on 24th May. I am doing (note I did not say running) the Windsor Half Marathon. I started with good intentions, but this half marathon is going to be achieved through mental strength, rather than physical practice! The rocky road is paved with good intentions.

I better go to bed now, I could get up early tomorrow and maybe go for a run…

Life can be a rocky road, but it is full of sweet bits!

Life can be a rocky road, but it is full of sweet bits!

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