Work in the Charity Sector

Singing Bluebird has worked with the charity sector since 2005, and has an in depth knowledge of this area.

We design and develop happiness and wellbeing programmes for a variety of different charities, including those who support people dealing with issues relating to drugs, alcohol, homelessness, mental health challenges, domestic violence, financial difficulities and caring responsibilities.

We also provide programmes for the staff who support these service users.

We have delivered 6, 8 and 10 week happiness and wellbeing programmes, and weekend happiness programmes.  They have all had fantastic results, making a big difference to those who have taken part, and the facilitators who run them.

Participants have benefited from the happiness programmes so much, that some have chosen to co-facilitate on future programmes, sharing their personal experiences and learning with new groups.

Programmes include workshops on topics such as: Finding Your Direction and Purpose, Goal Setting and Action Planning, Cultivating Optimism, Mindfulness, Building Resilience, Developing Emotional Intelligence, Maintaining and Developing Positive Relationships, Challenging Limiting Beliefs, Confidence Building, and Positive Approaches to Stress.

We have a comprehensive menu of workshops.

Your charity can build your own happiness and wellbeing programme to suit the needs of your service users or staff.

People who have been on our programmes have said:

Bluff Hill“I wanted to say more than anything thank you for your help and support. I really appreciate it.  I finally feel as if the corner is being turned in so many ways.”

“I have opened up to people I don’t know, and made new friends.”

“I feel so happy and relaxed.  I now know how to focus on the happy things in my life.”

At Singing Bluebird we help signpost the way, and enable people to find and maintain a new direction.

Perhaps we could help you develop a programme for your charity.  To discuss this please contact us on or
07786 567 027.

We look forward to hearing from you.